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Flag Fabric
Apr 11, 2018

Flag making materials are usually made of  polyester fabric and warp knitted fabrics.

 polyester fabric or flag cloth and flag cloth, is often used to provide national flags, business flags and advertising flags, which are the most commonly used flags at present.

1) advantages: because of the use of hot sublimation ink, no irritating smell, double penetration effect is good, ink permeability is high, the reverse side can be printed, and printing effect is the same, the maximum size is 3.2m wide.

2) shortcomings: effects of setting temperature, the picture in the sublimation heating, there will be a contraction of 1-3%;

3) the application scope of polyester fabric mainly includes:  banner, flag and so on.

The warp knitting cloth is different with polyester pongee, double warp knitting cloth knitted fabric or cloth called wind, is designed to produce advertising banner materials; the material has good ventilation performance, windy areas often make the advertising banner or enterprise banner of warp knitting cloth. The warp knitted fabric is mainly used in the printing of the flag of water injection and the flag. This cloth will not draw the wire and will not get off the line. It is the first choice to make the banner of outdoor advertising for a long time.

Flag Fabric