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Introduction To The Size And Use Of The Number 3 FLAG
Sep 25, 2018

No. 3 flag: 128*192cm; used on the image poles of large enterprises such as enterprises, hotels, schools and factories. The No.3 rd flag is generally only used for flagpoles of 10 meters to 13 meters high, and some sports teams also use three. The flag is used as the leader flag for the sports meeting. The no.3 flag can also be used as the flag for the outdoor expansion of the conference room background banner, the cheering flag for the sports meeting, etc. The third flag is more suitable for outdoor use than the NO.2 flag. Expanding the banner and the sports club cheering flag, with the flagpole waving better effect; the left side of the banner will also be a 5cm rod set. The other three sides are also pressed with a sewing machine to reduce the damage caused by the strong wind on the flag.