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What Are The Features Of A Hand Flag?
Jul 20, 2018

Hand flags are the small flags that are waving in their hands. It consists of two parts: the flag and the flagpole. The flag surface can print all kinds of logo and text according to the requirements of customers. The flagpole also has a variety of materials.

The material and process of hand shaking flags

The hand flags usually use full elastic polyester or Oxford fabric; the use of high temperature disperse dye printing process: the color of the cloth is the same, no color difference, the figure and the flag surface softness, wash the sun does not fade. We can customize the flag flags of all kinds of materials according to customers' requirements.

Size and specification of hand flags

The usual specifications of the flags are 10 * 15, 14 * 21, 20 * 30, 30 * 45 (units: centimeters), and so on. The size ratio is usually 3:2, and the commonly used is 14X21cm. We can customize all kinds of hand flags with various sizes according to customers' requirements.

The flagpole of the hand flags is mainly made of plastic rods and two kinds of wooden poles. In addition, there are stainless steel telescopic flagpoles.

The plastic rod has two kinds of soft rod and hard rod. Commonly used is long 29cm, the diameter of 0.5cm white flagpole. There are solid wood poles, stainless steel telescopic flagpoles and so on. According to customer requirements, we choose flagpoles.

Types of hand flags

Logo (hand) flags: hand flags, flags or flags with units, groups, schools, etc., showing their respective images. Such as tour flag, tourist flag and so on.

Propagandizing the flag by hand, such as advertising large movable flag, so as to achieve the purpose of propaganda and agitation.

Ceremonial hand shake flag: in international communication, the flag is used by the concierge, and the team's flag and reward flags are exchanged with each other.

What are the features of a hand flag?

The hand-held flag is petite, beautiful and easy to carry. In the activity, one hand and one banner swings, which can well render the lively atmosphere and drive enthusiasm. To achieve the purpose of publicity, agitation, support, etc.