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Why Our Cheer Stick Is Your Best Choice ?
Sep 20, 2018

                                   Cheer stick also named noisemaker or bang bang stick ,Two sticks can make metal sound, create a warm atmosphere, boost morale, more loudly sounds the better quality . Out inflatable rod is made of newly imported high-strength imported PE material, the tensile strength is 130, the wear resistance is not leaking, the two sticks can emit metal sound, create a warm atmosphere, boost morale, and the front and back can print full color patterns or pictures. , 8-color automatic computer printing machine, high printing technology, bright colors, can improve the advertising effect. Automatic sealing after inflation.      Our company introduces 8-color automatic computer printing machine, automatic cutting machine and sealing machine. It prints various characters on PE, high quality LOGO, color registration, fast speed and good effect. The production of inflatable rods has a history of 9 years, the air leakage rate is kept below 0.3% (national standard 2%), has a dust-free packaging workshop, health and environmental protection, in line with European EN---71 environmental requirements, has passed CE certification and ISO9002 system certification , the annual output is more than 10,000,000 sets   ======Product Classification ======  Inflatable stick styles can be divided into: flat head inflatable rod, no printing inflatable rod, aluminum foil inflatable rod, lighted inflatable rod, single round inflatable rod, two round inflatable rod, shaped inflatable rod, pointed inflatable rod, with inflatable Baton.